Hair Spa


When you have had a stressful week and want to pamper yourself, a hair spa can be one of the greatest places to go. The staff will take their time to make you feel pampered and beautiful while you indulge in the different hair spa treatment that are provided for the health and well-being of your hair and body. Here we will discuss some of the treatments you will find at various hair spas so you can know a little about what you are in for!



Almost every hair spa will offer some form of massage while you are getting treatment. Massaging the head and scalp is beneficial for a variety of reasons. It decreases your stress by releasing the tension from all of the muscles of your head and neck which can get tight when you work a lot without much of a break. It also increases the activity of your immune system which can keep you from getting sick. Most important of all, it feels wonderful and will leave you feeling refreshed and tension-free by the time you leave the hair spa!

Deep Conditioning

There are many ways that a hair spa will offer to condition your hair. Conditioning is helpful when your hair is very long or dry from excessive blow-drying in the past. It is also helpful if you dye your hair quite often or if you do not use deep conditioner on your own. The hair spa will have very special conditioners and methods of applying them, such as letting them sit for a long time before rinsing them out so that they may be fully absorbed into your hair.

After getting a deep conditioning treatment at the hair spa, you will be able to tell the difference! Whether your hair is long or short, when you run your fingers through it, it will feel increasingly soft and silky. People who see you after you visit the hair spa will surely notice the higher level of shine and bounce that it has!

Hair Spa Treatment

Hair spa is perfect for your hair to regain its texture and shine. A hair spa consists of 4 steps oil massage, shampoo, hair mask, and conditioning. This helps in recovery of the shine and moisture in the hair, which is lost due to pollution and dryness.

The hair spa process can take upto 45 minutes in a salon. First Oil massage is done for 10 mins, after that your hair would be washed by shampoo. Once this process is done a deep conditioning mask is applied and it is massaged for 25 minutes. The deep conditioning process is undertaken, to assist strengthen weak hair follicles, soften roots and bring hair back to life. These conditioning methods after that battle against oily deposits and dry skin, where blood circulation is increased via hair massage. Cells within the scalp are manipulated to improve the metabolic price through massaging.Then a cream is applied from the root of the hair to the tip.

Products to Take Home

Nearly every hair spa will have a place where you can buy products that you have tried during your treatment so that you can use them on your own. Many times these products are only available at a hair spa and not at a regular store. There may even be free samples that you can try as well to see if you would like those products in the future.

Utilizing this feature is a great idea because you will get higher quality products and will be able to treat yourself well while you are at home. You will also prevent further damage to your hair by protecting it adequately.

There are many reasons people choose to visit a hair spa and they are rarely ever disappointed. There are such a wide variety of treatments and products to choose from and the people there can help you to make the right choices so that you come out feeling beautiful. Your hair is one of the first things people notice about you and it is important to do as much as you can to make your first impression a good one!


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